Saturday, 25 December 2010

Cataclysm Heroics

After the first weeks of Cataclysm I, there are two things I noticed:

1.) Cataclysm is awesome
The leveling experience is great. The quests are fun and you level more in a flow instead of getting 10 quests at once in different areas. The dungeons are really fun, especially heroic Deadmines and Shadowfang. I like the new way of healing really much, it´s not like players lose 80% of their life in 2 seconds except there a one-shot-mechanic. Also mana is important again, which means that dps is also something important again, even in heroics.

2.) 90% of the players fail at heroics
It´s really sad what I experience everyday in random heroic groups. Of course I have no problems runing heroics with guildmates, but almost everytime I have a completel random group it´s a disaster.
Most times people didn´t read guides for heroic bosses. But that wouldn´t be a problem. The problem is that people even don´t mention it. Once a heal complained that he was killed because he didn´t know what the boss can do and that noone explained it. But of course, when the tnak asked if everyone was ready, he wouldn´t say anything.
Furthermore people don´t know that fire is bad for you. Seriously, people often don´t even bother to move. "The healer has to heal me, regardless of how fast healers go oom at the moment." What has WotLK done to players?
People are also unable to use CC and interrupts. On the other hand there are tanks that have to think something like this: "So there´s a shaman, a rogue, a hunter, a mage and me. So we have at least hex, bin elements, sap, freezing trap and sheep... well, whatever, charge+thunderclap... why am I dead???"
I like when a tank is fast at pulling, but he shouldn´t break cc. What´s also really bad is when a tank seems like he has to prepare himself mentally for the trash/boss "I can do this... I can do this... I can WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS DD DOING???" Or when tanks wait for a DD to kill the next trash mob.
So I´m really happy that my rogue is finally full heroic equipped.

Hope I can tell you how raiding feels like in a few days. I only had the chance to do the new PvP boss in Tol Barad. In my opinion he´s too easy.

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  1. Haha, played WoW for about 5-6 years.. On and off, had around 2 years of playing time.... THIS GAME IS ADDICTING!! Cant wait to get cataclysm!