Saturday, 16 October 2010

Patch 4.0.1

So I had some time to play my rogue, pala and shaman.
First of all, playing a mutilate rogue is so much fun now! Using rupture is finally back and I love spamming backstab in the execute phase. Damage increased much, already make 8k dps on dummie after regemming and reforging every crit rating into haste.

When I first played my Protadin, I had big problems holding aggro. But after a while it´s much more fun than before. I do have to use taunt really often, maybe because I rushed several heros with an arcane mage doing about 20k dps on bosses. But using taunt more often is actually fun.
Also played my Warrior tank, the change to heroic strike and cleave is nice. Holding aggro is a little bit harder, but not as hard as with my paladin.

Don´t know what to think about my resto shaman. Healing surge would be great, but I think it costs a little bit too much mana, healing wave is cheap, but it casts sooo long and isn´t really healing very much. I really miss lesser healing wave. Chainheal is also really bad now :/ So I don´t really like the way I have to play resto shaman now.

Also played my hunter twink, don´t really like focus. Feel´s strange now.

What are your thoughts on 4.0.1
Btw I know everything is more or less balanced for 85, but we´ve stil almost 2 months until Cata hits the stores.

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